Fit Camp 2.0 Instagram Vid Last Week

Cool video one of my fellow trainers made at Fit Camp 2.0 last week. Footage of some activities we did.


Vegetarian Black-Bean Chili Recipe

My “Meatless Monday” yesterday. I added more of each spice after the fact to my own taste. And I had to cook it a lot longer so the carrots would soften. (I had a regular pot). It turned out DELICIOUS. I put some leftover rice in mine too. My husband liked it with shredded parmesan and sour cream. #keeper

5 Healthy Daily Habits


Love Yourself Health

When trying to conquer the world of health.. these are some of the most basic daily habits I have come across, that are manageable to fit in your everyday life.

1. Start your morning with a glass of water

Waking up and drinking a glass of water first thing has a list of benefits to it! Besides the obvious importance of hydrating your body, it also jump starts your metabolism, helps purify your colon to aid in nutrition absorption, balances your lymph system, aids in weight loss… and thats just naming a few of the benefits!

You can boost and follow it with warm water with lemon– which helps detox your body. Lemon water also aids with digestion & is great to drink throughout the day or with meals. Or boost it even more and add Apple Cider Vinegarto your lemon water… which adds even more benefits to…

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